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Optical fibers in jelly filled loose tubes and pair of copper wires SZ stranded around CM member , Dry cable core (FocopA and FocopB), Gel filled cable core  Glass yarn armored (FocopG), polyester film wrapped, MDPE(HDPE) sheathed

Suitable for outdoor installations as
  ·  Metropolitan (FTTC, FTTN, FTTB, FTTH)
·  Campus
·  Distribution
fiber optic networks

·  Low impedance of copper wires to feed remote
·  Independence from the electric supply company
·  UV protected outer sheath
·  Excellent water-proof construction (FocopG)
·  High durability and Long life-time
  ·  Money saving construction

Download technical specifications :FocopA      FocopB      FocopG