Elane ADSS

Optical fibers in jelly filled, SZ stranded around CM member loose tubes,
Gel filled cable core and polyester film wrapped, Inner LDPE sheath,
Aramid yarn (Kevlar) armored, MDPE(HDPE) outer sheath
Suitable for outdoor aerial installations as
self-supporting cable or duct installed
·  Electric distribution lines
·  Railway lines
·  International, transit and Long haul
·  Metropolitan (FTTC, FTTN, FTTB, FTTH)
·  Campus
fiber optic networks
·  Light construction and easy to install
·  Reinforced double sheathed cable core
·  Improved tensile strength
·  UV protected outer sheath
·  Excellent water-proof construction
·  High durability and Long life-time
·  Immune to lighting and electromagnetic interference
·  No grounding required
Download technical specifications : ElaneA      ElaneB